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Nicholas Keene - WI Wedding Officiant

Nicholas Keene

Congratulations on your decision to get married! A wedding represents the creation of something new out of something that already exists: when the community around a couple hears the couple’s vows and agrees to the bless the union, the existing relationship between the couple transforms into a marriage.
It is a special honor to help two people start a married life together. Every couple deserves to declare their mutual commitment in front of their friends and family in a ceremony that reflects their common beliefs and aspirations. Every couple deserves a memorable day as the start of their lifetime together, one where the warmth of community blessings can get the marriage off to a good start.
Every part of a wedding belongs to the couple and I joyfully welcome the opportunity to officiate any wedding. I am a registered Humanist Celebrant and I can help craft vows and a secular ceremony script if that is the wishes of the couple, or will participate in any other kind of traditional or non-traditional ceremony. It is my pleasure to help any way I can to make a wedding meaningful for the couple up front.
* Opposite-sex or same-sex weddings
* Secular or religious ceremonies
* Small or large gatherings
* Traditional or “unique” celebrations
* Short notice or planned long ahead
The most important thing is that the couple sense the beauty of devotion as they solemnize their vows together. Please feel free to contact me to see if I am the right person to officiate your wedding.

Client Reviews

Nick helped us officiate our wedding ceremony in Madison, WI. He has strong convictions for live, the meaning of relationships and most importantly the essence of  union in matrimony.  He is very intelligent, eloquent and well-versed.  We are not a traditional couple and we wanted a customized ceremonial speech for our wedding. He went above and beyond to help us create such a beautiful ceremony.  Our family and friends made many comments about how wonderful his words were.  It was a work of art!  We could not have had such a great ceremony if it was not for him. Thank you very much Nick for your words of wisdom and officiating our wedding!

Doug & Karla, Madison WI


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